Twinklebella was created with a humble ambition – to imprint beautiful childhood memories gifted by the love of parents. A parent’s love for a child is immeasurable, and may be displayed and felt in many ways. One of which is through remembering and celebrating milestones of a child’s life. This is why we choose to specialise in babies and kids celebrations, even from before the child is born. Take us with you on your wonderful parenthood journey, and let us create unforgettable special moments for you and your little ones.
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A warm Welcome to the party!

Hello there! Thank you for dropping by!

My name is Lyn, and I am the Chief Party Officer of Twinklebella. Born and bred in the sunny island of beautiful Singapore, my very broad childhood imagination had me dreaming of becoming a teacher, a gynaecologist, a dancer and a flight attendant when I grew up. Well, I’m definitely more than grown up now and I’ll leave you to read on to see which of my dreams I’ve fulfilled. 

I’d by lying if I told you I’ve always wanted to be a kids party planner, but it’s true that my life has always revolved around little children. Having taught in a primary school for a good four years, I’ve had more than a thousand children under my wings, many of whom I still keep in touch with. I started out teaching core subjects before specialising in Art and Craft which was the best decision ever for the diy-loving me. Somewhere in between, I set up a Taekwondo cca in the school and taught the martial arts as an instructor. I also taught dance as a workout sport for the kiddos, which was as close to my childhood ambition of being a dancer as I ever got. As an MOE certified educator, I also worked closely together with many parents to guide and nurture children with special needs. Through my experiences and interactions with parents and students, I found my passion in instilling in the little ones appreciation for meaningful moments and gratefulness for their parents’ love. 

Although I absolutely adored my job, the wanderlust in me got me globetrotting around the world. I had to fulfil my other childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. This was a very special part of my life as travelling opened my eyes, mind and heart. I got exposed to an abundance of different ideas, inspirations, experiences, food, cultures and people from all walks of life. Being a part of one of the Best Airlines in the world taught me many life skills and lessons. 278 flights, 59 cities, 32 countries later, I’m ever so grateful for the opportunities life has given me.  

I can’t tell you how wonderfully thrilled to be where I am today with Twinklebella. Let’s start imprinting beautiful childhood memories for our children. 

With love always,